Un'altra piccola soddisfazione che si aggiunge a tutte quelle che questo blog mi sta regalando! Ho risposto con vero piacere alle domande di Alessandro Chetta, giornalista del Corriere del Mezzogiorno!

Voglio condividere con voi questa soddisfazione e ringraziarvi del supporto e della fiducia che mi date giorno dopo giorno! 

Qui troverete l'intervista completa! Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate =)


When the blog was born?
"Two years ago. I talk about outfits, the latest trends, the fashion world at 360 ° »

What did The fashion bloggers think sincerely of other fashion bloggers?
"Until today, the blog has given me the opportunity to know, some of them in person, other girls with whom to talk about my passion without much explanation, knowing they understood. I think this is worth a little for all fashion bloggers.

The best look of the twentieth century and why (20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s?)
"I love the 50s and the rockabilly exuberance of the pin up style. It is an ultra-feminine style, made of colors, prints and volumes, that adds value to the female body.

What do you think of the movement and of the nude look of the Ukrainian Femen?
"I share the aims for which the movement was born, after all, in other parts of the world and in other periods of history, women have struggled to make themselves heard, Femen have chosen to do shirtless, which perhaps could to arouse only "media uproar" losing sight of the underlying reasons, but if it is the only way to be taken seriously ... ".

What would you like to steal to Chiara Ferragni (and what would you recommend)?
"The bags! I do not know what to advise her, sometimes I'd like to see the old Chiara, with less perfect photos, and more personal outfit, I would like to see she less "vip" and more "real girl."

The large multinationals low-cost clothing does not seem to send to Naples and Campania their best clothes. It 's true?
"Yes,In part. Actually the collections in the store is not complete! Some dresses are missing, or there are very few sizes. In a store Pimkie I asked why this happens: I was told that the delivery of clothes is based on the square footage of the store, smaller is less clothes arrive, I think for some stores this is the rule. "

Who, when and where do the shooting?
"With Marco Ferro, my boyfriend. I chose him for two reasons, because it is passionate about photography and why there is more understanding. I am very shy with him behind the camera, I feel more at ease. I choose the location according to the look."

What to wear your friends (or web-friends) and you do not have the courage to say to them, "Go change"?
"I tend not to judge the choices of others because I know how much personality there is into what you choose to wear. In general just do not understand why some girls wear leggings with short tops or t-shirts, among other sometimes the fabric of the leggings is not the best, so there is a transparency that my eyes would not see. "

Scoreboard: what are elegant from 1 to 10
Francesca Pascale 5, we say that the excessive silicon removes any appearance of elegance.
Luigi de Magistris 6, I find him formal and casual, rather than elegant.
Caterina Balivo 7, she is sober and glamorous.
Lady Gaga 5, I think she is eccentric but not fancy.

Which political would you do the personal shopper? Which actor or singer the hair stylist?
"If there is a real politician in Italy ... no doubt I would be the hair stylist Miley Cyrus, in recent MTV video music awards her hairstyle I did not like and not only that."

Top 3 blog of the network.
"No doubt: Scent of obsession, Atlantic Pacific and Wendy's Lookbook."

Name, age, where you are, what you do, what you read and what to watch on TV.
"Lucia Palermo, 22, I live in San Marco Evangelista, near Caserta, study psychology. I read a bit 'of everything, I follow my mood, mostly romance novels or mysteries, then of course there are the fashion magazines. I am passionate about the telefilms, in addition to "Gossip Girl" and "Sex and the City" I really like "Dr. House"; often I look DMax, who said it it is a channel from men?. "

"Currently, I attend the faculty of psychology."

The aphorism that you cite more often?
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says" I'm possible "."

What does it mean keep a fashion blog in Campania?
"It's a great challenge, and compared to other Italian bloggers, here we proceed in small steps. It means having to explain so many times the meaning of those two words: fashion blog, Without being discouraged by the questioning looks, skepticism and by whom is anchored to tradition. It means to believe twice and be crazy enough to see crowned his dream. "