Be beautiful in pregnancy!

It is said that pregnancy makes the woman most beautiful. It is not a simple rumor, but it is obvious: the pregnant woman, in fact, has a brighter skin, thicker and shiny hair, stronger nails ... It is the effect of hormones and the "interesting" state in which find the future mother.
Despite this, many women would like to continue to keep the beauty habits they usually had before pregnancy. But there are so many doubts about it. For example, one wonders if hair dyes can be harmful to the fetus, as well as nail varnishes and related solvents, and then even beauty and skin care products.
Starting from the head, one of the main doubts of pregnant women is, as mentioned, if the substances contained in hair dyes can be absorbed by the skin and become toxic to the baby they carry on their laps. hair dyes are generally safe, but it would be better to stay natural during pregnancy. If, however, you want to color your hair anyway, you should do it after the first trimester because, after this period there are fewer risks to the fetus. It would be advisable to dye your hair in a well-ventilated space.
A few days before giving birth, remember to take the nail polish off, because in the case of a caesarean section, the doctor needs to check the color of the nails!
If the manicure does not represent risks exceeded the first three months of gestation, the same applies to beauty treatments to prevent dark spots, or wrinkles and stretch marks that may appear with greater intensity during pregnancy.

Even for the nails, treatments should be avoided during the first three months - the most delicate phase of fetal development. The chemicals contained in glazes, glue for false nails (such as cyanoacrylate) and other treatments could in fact be harmful.  The nail polish "is not dangerous for the fetus because it is not absorbed in the bloodstream, but still represents a micro-suffering for the nail plate, so it should not be used continuously. So go free to nail polish when you want to feel more glamorous. But follow some precautions:

- buy only quality products;

- make sure that the nail is healthy and there are no diseases such as mycosis;

- avoids 'brushing' even the skin;

- and above all, aerate the room while applying both the enamel and the solvents to remove it.
Here there is a list ofnontoxic nail polish from Check Pregnancy. This guide will help you find the features that you will need to consider buying the best product. You can take a look at the answered queries too for removing any leftover confusion.
Little tips:

In short, pregnancy is not a disease to be treated, but a moment of life that should be enjoyed in all respects - without getting too many problems because, as mentioned, a pregnant woman is really beautiful just because it is so.