Where to start the search for your new bra?

The 76% of women wear the wrong bra. In fact, we women, as soon as we come back at home, unfasten the bra, even before taking off the heels. Because we often compromise on comfort for the look. But what is the price for to be pretty? How can you genuinely feel pretty when your bra constantly irritates you? The ugly truth is that we focus too much on how we look, but actually how we feel is what truly matters at the end of the day. 

The solution is Cosmolle!

So it's time for a new bra where do you start? I’ve found an innovative brand: Cosmolle!

This brand produced a collection of best comfortable bra and underwear. 

The phylosophy of this brand is “Because you're worth it, your comfort comes first, and self care is a daily ritual”. 

Why Cosmolle is really innovative?

All the collection is made with heart by women for women; the items are 3D printed, that makes it's stretchy and never loses shape; all the bra have breathable cups and collagen-infused fibers, for to hydrate your skin while you wear them. The Collagen Polyamide Yarn is the softest fabric. That's breathable and moisture-wicking for all-day skin comfort.

For to production of underwear, Cosmolle feel the phylosophy “less is more”: Less marterial, less sewing and no wires; so It feels like second skin day in and day out. This collection is perfect for all the dresses and for all the bodies: Cosmolle celebrate different body types, celebrate people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyle, and age. 

And last but not least: the most comfortable underwear collection is also sustainable. The brand believe that by creating durable and quality products, you'll need less of them - saving the environment and your wallet.

Cosmolle: Made to hug your curves in all the right places.

All the items are available in a wide range of colors (including multiple shades of nude) and sizes, and you can find even more options to fit a variety of body types and styles. So whether you're looking for something every day or something special occasion-worthy, Cosmolle is sure to have just what you need.

So, now you have only to choose about the model: Push-up bra if, as the name suggests, you want push your breasts up and together to create cleavage. Padded bras, if you want to add volume and shape to your breasts, thanks the padding in the cups. Sport bras, if you want support and minimize breast movement during physical activity.

Did you like it? already used? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinion.